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AstenJohnson manufactures paper machine clothing (forming and dryer fabrics), special fabrics and filtration wires for the paper industry. They also deal with metal screens and plastic screens used by other industries (wastewater treatment, construction-, food-, chemical- and mining industry).
The company has production plants in Belgium and Czech.

AstenJohnson products are found in paper mills worldwide more than 55 countries and partners benefit from the company's know-how in the papermaking process, further enhanced by innovative products, customer-oriented technical services, and AstenJohnson's support for manufacturing goals.


SchäferRolls produces rubber, polyurethane and composite functional covers for paper machine rolls as well as refurbishing rolls of various sizes and functions for paper production, printing and packaging industry.
In Europe two manufacturing plants serving our partners (Germany and Slovenia).

Size and weight limit of rolls: max. Diameter 2000 mm, max. 90 t weight and max. 15 m surface length.

- Rubber coatings
- Polyurethane coatings
- Composite coatings

Full roll service. Mechanical general repair, testing and servicing of assembled and auxiliary components, thermographic and edge pressure analysis, parts supply.


Leripa manufactures high quality plastic and ceramic wear parts for the paper industry.

- Cleaner cones
- Headbox blades, lamellas
- Dewatering elements (plastic and ceramic)
- Suction roll sealings
- Doctor blades and deflectors
- Rods and rodbeds for sizepress, filmpress and coating unit
- Service, maintenance and renew of ceramic inserts
- Dewatering (measurement and optimization)


Kadant Lamort deals with stock-preparation systems, with constantly improving its equipment and technology. They also offer customized equipment for all grades of paper, cardboard and pulp beside the complete systems.
- Low and high density pulping
- Equipment for cleaning and screening
- Deinking systems
- Dissolved Air flotating units
- Refiners and knotters
- Process water and effluent water treatment
- Equipments for pulp production
- Service Activities


M-clean Papertech is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-pressure cleaning equipments for PMC and rolls.
They are member of Kadant Group since 2011.
The cleaning equipments offers real savings with increased paper machine efficiency for the users.
More than 1000 units in operation worldwide!

The M-clean High Pressure Cleaner - a modular cleaning system for cleaning and conditioning paper machine clothing (dryers, forming fabrics, press felts).
It requires minimal maintenance and offers a quick ROI with its high operational reliability and cleaning efficiency, a market leader and pioneer in the industry.


MWN is one of the world's leading roll manufacturing company with a history of over 100 years specialized for suction rolls, function cylinders and spreader rolls.
Modern innovative tecchnical background and customized solutions for paper, film and non-woven productions. Cylinder maintenance, repair and development as well as customization.

- Suction cylinders (complete) including necessary peripherals. Breast Roll, Couch Roll, Suction Press Roll, Pick-up Roll.
- Conveyor roll for plastic film production (up to 12m width, 2500m / min speed)
- Press rolls (up to 500 kN/m with individual coatings)
- Spreader and mount-hope rolls (with fixed and variable angle, steel or coated surface)
- Other function cylinders (cooling, heating, winding, drive and guide rolls up to 3000 m/min)
- Maintenance and renewing works.


:CCOR companmy develops and manufactures innovative fiber-reinforced plastic and metal hybrid components to meet application-specific requirements for the drive and engineering industries.

Rotary shafts up to 10,000 kNm torque. Maintenance-free drive components designed for maximum power transmission.
Lightweight and fast rolls made from advanced composite materials, functionally coated with polymer, ceramic or metal.
Hybrid cylinders, high speed cylinders from CFRP hybrid construction (carbon fiber reinforced plastic).

- Paper / felt / fabric guide rolls, drive rolls, transport rolls, grooved rolls.
- Paper-, Film- Foil- and Printing industry, Textile and Nonwoven production, Metal industry.
- Ship engines, wind turbines, hydroelectric power plants, Machinery production.


The Algas company (belongs to Cellwood group), has proven the effectiveness of its special Microfilter concept with more than 500 installations worldwide, mainly in the pulp and paper industry.

Fiber recovering, improving and increasing the quality of treated water, reducing water use and/or reducing effluents.

Flexible and wide range of applications:
• inlet water treatment
• fiber recovery - filtrate able to replace fresh water
• further purification of filtered water
• DIP mud conditioning.
• increasing or completely replacing the capacity of existing water treatment systems
• treatment of black liquor
• pre-thickening of bio-sludge
• micro-filtration after biological waste water treatment to reuse water and reduce emissions.